Charm School

Charm School offers dance class themed hen-night parties throughout the UK. From Cancan to Burlesque, '20s dance parties to '80s Dance parties - it's all great fun.

Professional burlesque dancers, ‘Gypsy Charms’ and ‘Viva Miss Adventure’ needed a website that would be flexible enough to display the different types of dance they offer without being too specific to any one. The site's design encourages browsing and exploration by presenting information in a "layered" style.

The business operates throughout the UK but is in many respects also very localised. The site needed to reflect this and so provides sections specific to particular locales.

Designed to have clear appeal to a particular market, it was also important for the aesthetic not to go too over-the-top. In striking a balance, we hope to have achieved a modern website that is easy to use but that is also fun and engaging.

Hen party dance class website Charm School website Easily browsable Charm school 'curriculum'

Skills used

  • Web design
  • Content strategy
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

What Jane & Sarah said

We approached Tigerchick to design a website for Charm School after seeing examples of their excellent work online. We have found Michael and Jenny very easy to work with, always friendly, accommodating, prompt and creative.

Images are important to our website and Michael found a cost effective way to source pictures that were relevant to our service without the need to set up a large scale photography shoot which would have been out of our budget.

We’re really pleased with the way has turned out and as such have asked the team to create another website for a different arm of our business.