The studio is run by Jenny Cowan and Michael Rummey. We’re very approachable and you’ll always be able to talk to either one of us.

The points below describe the process we use to deliver outstanding websites. Central to all stages is careful collaboration with the client to make sure the website is just right!

Between us we have many years design experience. This allows us to create insightful and inventive responses to a brief. Indranil, our top-notch programmer, has technical skills worth showing-off about too!

A Good Chat

Our websites start with nothing more complicated than a good chat. We'd love to hear about your business, your goals, your existing web presence and you.

Web design is a collaboration and we need to understand what your business really needs. That way we can go forward knowing we’re all on the same page.

If you're not sure exactly what you want - it's ok! We can help devise a brief that will deliver the website you need within the budget you have.

There's a bit more about this initial stage on our blog post about commissioning bespoke websites.

A bespoke quotation

We know that every client and every business is different so it makes sense that every website we design is too.

We don’t have "set websites" and so we don't have "set prices" either!

When we give you a quotation, it is bespoke and sprinkled with care and attention so you get exactly what you need. NO one-size-fits-all templates here!

Read more about our bespoke website quotations here.

Keyword research, Content strategy & Photography

At this point we start to research strategies that will succeed with search engines as well as your market. We find keywords that will work well and advise you on content writing for the web.

We'll also shoot beautiful photographs to make sure your business stands out on the web.

Design & mockups

At this stage we work up the ideas into design mockups. Our designs are a special combination of our skill and experience as designers, your specific requirements and the research from the previous stage.

Every design we produce is bespoke, carefully thought-out and meticulously crafted for your business.


We’ll send you design mockups at key stages for comment and approval, making sure you’re always in the loop.

These mockups are like an architect‘s drawings in principle. As in a drawing, things are easier to change at this stage than once they've been built (into a website or a house!)


The site’s ready to build into a working website. We'll write many lines of code using 4 or 5 different code languages! Build quality is very important, so everything is written by hand.

Content Management System (CMS) will be customised and integrated - allowing you to make changes yourself once finished.

Beautiful webfonts, code optimised for speed & SEO, cutting edge cloud-hosting - it all makes for the highest quality website.


We test your new site on multiple web browsers, tablets (e.g. iPad) and phones to make sure that it loads well and looks great in all scenarios. All browsers display things a little differently so we test as much as possible - you can too and we’ll show you a preview before the big day...

website goes live

Your website goes live! Time for a party - but that is not the end of the story.

With a good content strategy for blogging, expert advice on SEO, link-building and social media - this is only the beginning of what the web can do for you and your business.

Your new website is the tool - now you have to use it!