Commissioning a bespoke website

Ok - so you think you're in need of a website. Maybe you've commissioned a site before and know exactly what you're doing - maybe you know nothing about the web at all. Either way, there'll be a few questions at the back of your mind.

  • How much will it cost ?
  • Will it help my business ?
  • I don't know much about websites - does it matter ?
  • I know everything about websites - can you help me ?!
  • I want a site like YouTube, how long will it take ?!
  • I don't need anything fancy do I... just the basics will do ?
  • What is a website anyway ?

The Big Bad Brief

Some people like to rationalise the big answers to these thoughts into "The Brief". Once on paper it's official right? Things can seem easier to deal with once the "The Brief" says what needs to be done - the "The Brief" must be obeyed.

The trouble is that web designers can't talk to "The Brief" - it doesn't drink tea with us and so far as personality goes - well...