Web design for rural businesses

Tigerchick is a small rural business high up in the Pentland Hills of Midlothian. Jenny's parents farm sheep on the hills around us and we help out on the farm when we can (although Michael is rubbish at shearing!). We understand first-hand that living and working in the countryside is different from the town so we're in good position to help.

Exceptional web design is just as relevant for rural businesses as for any other. A professionally designed website will promote your business to a far larger potential market. It's like having an attractive shop-front in a busy part of town (but without the expense, noise and parking charges!)

We use cutting-edge web technologies and bring the latest in design and marketing to rural businesses. A Tigerchick website can make a real and tangible difference in generating new business. Our websites are not the "cheapest" - we wouldn't want them to be.  They do work hard for rural businesses though, generate business and make a sound investment.

Call us to see how we can help on 01968 675565.