How much does a website cost?

The first thing we're often asked is "how much does website cost ?". This depends on what's meant by a "website". Every client has unique requirements so to give a fair price we need to establish how much work is involved.

Once we've had a chat we can produce a quotation. This initial consultation is free and with no obligations. We put real thought into our quotations - taking time and effort so you can see exactly what's proposed.

Websites vary hugely in complexity - the amount of design work, coding, photography, web-hosting, content-management-system, search engine optimisation, logo design - the list is long!

We understand the things that make up a website can be overwhelming. We'll guide you every step of the way with solid advice about how best to achieve excellent value for money.

If you're looking for a cheap job - we're not the company for you. If you're looking for a web design company that will work tirelessly to craft something special and you recognise that a good job costs more - I'm sure we can help!

For a simple but highly effective website think upwards of £4000 (not including logo design and photography). Actual prices depend on your specific requirements. It's a highly cost effective investment.

Our clients' thoughts on value for money

Liggy's Cakes

"I think the website was good value - its always a big outlay for a small business but in our case it is a bit of an investment. I consider it to have been a very worthwhile and justifiable expense."

Balfour Castle

"...I don’t doubt it was worth every single penny. If business increases, you have more enquiries and if you receive such positive feedback about the site as we do then it was well worth it. " - Andrea Spence-Jones

Poppleton House

"...Although it wasn't cheap - I believe that you get what you pay for. Tigerchick have produced a classy, attractive, easy to navigate site... I have received many very positive comments about the site... Tigerchick certainly delivered what they promised ! "

Eastside Cottages

"Tigerchick redesigned my self catering cottage website and I found it revolutionised my business! I get more enquiries and a higher conversion rate of enquiries to firm bookings than I ever did before..."

Treeline Forestry & Firewood

" Website is humming, the orders are coming in fast... ...we have already matched last years sales, even though we are only 8 months into the financial year, with lots of winter still to come. "