Liggy's Cakes

Liggy’s Cakes is a bite-sized chain of cake shops in Edinburgh & Glasgow. Liggy and her team produce everything from intricate wedding cakes to cupcakes & kids' birthday cakes.

Liggy approached Tigerchick for both web design & photography. At it's core, the new website was to have two main aims:

  • Increase online cake sales.
  • Increase the number bespoke consultation requests.


Spending a day in Liggy's cake shop taking photographs for the site allowed us a deeper understanding of the business. We saw the cake-making process firsthand, met the team and chatted with Liggy. This made for some great photographs but crucially, it also gave us a leg-up when designing the site. 

With a deep, first-hand understanding for that which we are designing, the website is always stronger.

The cake shop was feast for the eyes with example cakes & hand drawn illustrations from floor to ceiling. The industrious team was hard at work creating delicious masterpieces in the studio.

We knew then a balance must be achieved in representing beautifully finished cakes, the hand-drawn sketches and the team of creators.

Ecommerce Web Design

Tigerchick designed & developed a highly flexible, bespoke ecommerce system to power the site.

On the front-facing website, things are simple & easy for the customer. But it's also extremely easy for Liggy & her team to administer - the simplicity of the system belies its power.

Any number of options & variations can be added to any number of cakes or collections. Cakes can be administered individually or en-mass. Run out of raspberry jam Liggy? Not a problem, just change one setting and it can update the jam option all around the site!

Some cakes take longer to prepare so shipping functions were built to allow for this. It also calculates distances for delivery and allows local pickup. Can't deliver on Mondays Liggy? No problem - just make a simple change.

Fully Responsive

The website is fully "responsive". This means it gives a great experience on any device from a phone to a large desktop computer. You can now buy cake from your mobile!

As designers, this means that we think carefully about how best to present complex information & flows such as a shop checkout process.

More Cake

It's been great to see the site grow. Liggy & the team regularly add cakes, recipes and galleries, and promote seasonal cakes with their own images. We can't predict the future but we can build a flexible site that grows with a business, propelling it forward.

Skills used

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Content management systems
  • Blogs
  • Photography

What Liggy said:

The website has already increased sales and customers seem to find it easy and enjoyable to use. We hope to add to it over the coming months...

...I think the website was good value - its always a big outlay for a small business but in our case it is a bit of an investment. I consider it to have been a very worthwhile and justifiable expense.