Plus English

ECS Scotland have returned to Tigerchick with a new venture after the success of the website we previously designed for them. Plus English is affiliated with ECS and aims promote touring English classes throughout Scotland. The tours explore aspects of Scottish culture, cuisine & natural heritage whilst teaching English at the same time.


Tigerchick worked extensively to research and establish the brand name, domain and identity. Our logo design then formed the jumping-off-point for the design of the website.

Web Design - User Experience

The web design focuses on user experience and the ease of finding a suitable tour quickly. Filtering tours by date & interest directly from the main navigation encourages engagement and keeps information relevant to the user. Enquiry forms on each tour allow fast, easy contact.

Although there are currently only a limited number of tours on offer, it's intended that many more will be added over time. The architecture of the site is designed to cope with this and will excel in organising large amounts of information.

Content Management System - CMS

The site is fully content managed. Tour information can be easily added and updated. Information is presented clearly & beautifully to the visiting user but it's also very simple to manage in the backend system

The blog allows for flexible and potentially unforeseen usage of the site. Articles & content showing examples of bespoke trips, news and other relevant topics can easily be included in a variety of layouts.


Inspirational photography (much of which is Tigerchick's own stock) encourages exploration & discovery by exciting the eye!


The site is built to function multilingually. Although not yet filled with content, it will unlock strong potential for overseas SEO & marketing.

It's early days for this website but with an exciting future we look forward to helping it grow as a flexible & powerful business tool.

Skills used

  • Logo Design
  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Blogs
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Multilingual