BCKM Solicitors


BCKM Solicitors approached Tigerchick to get their Edinburgh based legal firm online. BCKM offer expert legal advice in a wide range of legal fields but specialise in family and criminal law.

The design of the website is intended to be calming for users who are potentially in a stressful situation and hence needing a lawyer. This is partly achieved through the predominant use of the colour blue - which also tied in with BCKM's existing branding. Information is clearly organised and concise, allowing users to navigate quickly to the area relevant to them without distraction.

Illustrations were created by Tigerchick in preference to clichéd stock imagery. We felt it important that these had a level of abstraction to attract attention, create an empathy with potential clients and create a memorable experience but also not to alienate any sector of the market.

We feel that too many legal firms' online presence is a little stilted and corporate. The BCKM team and Tigerchick were keen to steer away from this style and instead provide a friendly introduction to the firm: a website for people.

Skills used

  • Web design
  • Content strategy
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)