Practecology - Ecologist Website Design

Iain approached us whilst starting his ecology business. We designed Practecology's logo and website, with a view to helping them take on larger, more established competitors.

As part of the web design, we devised "case-studies" to illustrate Practecology's services and hands-on approach through real-world scenarios. Case-studies are designed to allow a client to understand potential applications for their services. Hopefully clients may identify with these scenarios and see Iain's services as a clear solution.

Information Architecture & CMS

The website is fully content-managed and very flexible. The system we designed allows Iain add "services", "case-studies" and blog-posts. Each type of content can be "related" to any other. In this way the user is able to browse contextually.

The blog allows Practecology to further illustrate their expertise through posting detailed articles. It is also a useful platform to convey news and keep the website up to date.

The site's architecture can become increasing large over time but remain easy to browse. It enables the discovery of new, relevant content without becoming overwhelming. This way, the site will grow alongside Practecology and remain a useful tool well into the future.

Logo Design & Photography

Professional, abstract photography undertaken by us holds the design together, giving it a vibrancy. Iain's own photographs populate the service, case-study and article pages. He is able to update these through the content management system.

Skills used

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Blogs
  • Web design
  • Logo Design