Midrock House


Mid Rock House is newly built holiday home by the beach in Elie, Scotland. The house is a stunning piece of Architecture in a wonderful location. The website & photography by Tigerchick needed to complement the meticulous design of the house, and convey the beauty of the location whilst remaining inviting and warm.


As with many of our websites, photography is key to the success of this website. The challenge here was to capture images of the interiors that show the magnificent view out to sea. The images are taken using architectural photography techniques - tilt / shift lenses, lighting equipment etc. Critically, they also show the humanity, character & warmth of the building as a place to stay & enjoy - and not simply a building.

Typography & Colour

The cream colour of the site was carefully chosen to give a feeling of warmth and pick up on similar predominant colours found in the image. It also allows the blues of the sea & sky to stand out in contrast. The red & dark grey text gives a slightly edgy & modern feel to reflect the architecture.

The typography was inspired by a poster hanging in the house. It is modern and slightly quirky - just like the building. Blocks of text are interspersed with italics and emboldened phrases to allow users to quickly identify information important to them.

Skills used

  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Logo Design
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)