Mary O'Sullivan Chiropodist | Podiatrist

Mary commissioned Tigerchick to design and build a website for her bright, modern foot clinic in Edinburgh. It was agreed to keep the website fresh and professional and the use of bright colours used in a highly controlled way helped achieve this goal.

We felt it important to quickly inform visitors to the site of its foot-related nature but without using literal imagery of potentially off-putting feet! To overcome this, we drew circles of feet in a stylised way that also injected an element of fun into the design.

The photographs taken by Tigerchick of the clinic are displayed prominently, assuring visitors that the clinic is a clean, calm and professional environment.

The site contains useful information about various foot ailments, structured in such a way as to be easy to access without seeming overwhelming. The content management system allows for all areas to be updated easily and the blog allows Mary to further establish herself as an expert through the posting of relevant articles.

A website for Edinburgh Chiropodist, Mary O'Sullivan Gallery, blog and services list incorporated into the site Mary O'Sullivan Chiropody screenshot
Interior & exterior photography of the modern foot clinic Chiropody & podiatry website

Skills used

  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Blogs
  • Content management systems
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

What Mary said:

Working with Michael & Jenny at Tigerchick was an absolute delight from start to finish. Their attention to every minute detail of their remit resulted in a truly exceptional piece of work full of clever innovation and artistry.

They tirelessly answered even the smallest question with grace and polished professionalism - nothing was too much trouble.

Day to day I have many dealings with other businesses, some are good, some not so. All interactions with Tigerchick were smooth, good humoured and totally efficient.

Brand Tigerchick symbolises to me honesty, politeness, good value and integrity.

I am enormously proud of my website, I wanted it to stand out from the crowd ... and it does!

I needed a great web design company; actually, I got the best.