Our Most Recent Work

Delia Thorley Upholstery & Fabrics


Delia has taken the strong traditional values of her start-up upholstery businesses and propelled them into the modern era through her online presence. Before commissioning Tigerchick to design her… more

Photography for the website Delia Thorley upholstery & fabrics

Pentland Hills Produce

Website coming soon!

Pentland Hills Produce is a group of farmers and food producers in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh. Their previous website had become obsolete and they felt they weren't getting the most from the… more

Detailled shots of the heather & wild grasses

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Web Design Edinburgh

We're slap bang next to Edinburgh in the wonderful Pentland Hills - the perfect position to help our clients throughout Midlothian, The Scottish Borders and all over Scotland in fact.

We design amazing websites

It’s our aim to bring really high-end web design and development within the reach of small and medium sized businesses. We’ve worked with many types of business to provide an outstanding web presence and a serious competitive advantage.

Bespoke web design

Professional web design makes all the difference...

Before we can do anything we need to find out about you and your business. A good old-fashioned chat is usually the best way! We’re a small company ourselves and only take on a few projects at a time. This means every web design we take on has heaps of time, care and attention lavished on it.

We provide solid and genuine advice, taking care to ensure that both our technically minded and our non-technical clients are well looked after.

A "Bespoke website design" essentially means that we start from scratch to produce something beautiful and hardworking that will set your business apart. Every aspect of our design and code work is meticulously considered and crafted. Each website is a collaboration of our many years experience and the aspirations you have for your business. You can read more about our design and development process here...